19 Strange Objects That the Internet Pulled Through on Identifying

Kid Goes On Epic Rant About Ridiculousness Of Tide Pod Challenge



This is exactly the kind of rant we need in light of the comical, alarming, disheartening absurdity encircling the Tide Pod challenge movement. What are people DOING?!

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Hilarious Job Posting Might've Actually Been Created On Microsoft Paint

Internet Breaks After News That Donald Trump Likes Getting Spanked By Forbes Magazine



People react on Twitter to the news that Donald Trump likes getting spanked by a Forbes magazine.

Just in case you're crawling from out under a rock right now, porn star, Stormy Daniels revealed that Donald Trump has a propensity for getting spanked by Forbes magazines. This all follows previous reports of Daniels and Trump having prior relations. We can only imagine what she's going to drop next. 

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32 Pics That'll Hit You With A Shockwave Of Cringe



Collection of pictures that'll hit you with a shockwave of cringe because they are so uncomfortable.

At some point along the road it went horribly, unforgivably wrong for these cases of pure and unadulterated cringe. Yep, they're so far detached from reality, we'd honestly be shocked if they're able to find their way back from Narnia. 

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