25 Humor-Packed Tweets From WeRateDogs That Had Us Roaring In Laughter



Funny and entertaining tweets that left us laughing from WeRateDogs Twitter account.

To this day, one of our all-time favorite humorous Twitter accounts that never fails to deliver A+ comedy gold. This batch in particular got us good!

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Tumblr Physicists Theorize About the Curvature of Middle Earth and Legolas' Freaky Elf Eyes



Tumblr Physicists Theorize About the Curvature of Middle Earth and Legolas' Freaky Elf Eyes

Sometimes it's best not to overthink things when it comes to magical and fantastical worlds, but it can be pretty fun to try to apply in-world occurrences to real world physics. 

These Tumblr Physicists and Anatomists attempted to answer the question:

How the f**k could Legolas see so far?

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25 Ridiculous Moments of Video Game Logic



Ridiculous Moments of Video Game Logic

Ahhh video games. Wonderful and fantastical worlds built to expand and challenge your imagination, chalk full of ridiculous moments brought about by gameplay elements.  

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Snowman Movie Triggers Storm Of Ruthless Memes After Horribly Brutal Reviews



Snowman horror movie ends up inspiring wave of ridiculous memes after terrible reviews.

In case you missed it, "The Snowman" horror movie's quickly snowballed into garnering a complete whiteout of icily critical reviews. This movie got completely reamed, folks. While the trailer looked a tad bit ridiculous, I've gotta say, I didn't see this level of savagery on the horizon; but damn if I'm reveling in the onslaught of straight up victorious memes. These are gold. 

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'Nice Guy' Invites Girl To His Birthday Party and Forbids Her From Bringing Her Boyfriend



'Nice Guy' Invites Girl To His Birthday Party and Forbids Her From Bringing Her Boyfriend

This 'nice guy' obviously had other things in mind when he started planning his birthday party. His absurd rule of 'females only' is not the way that you woo the ladies. It's pretty easy to see through his obvious attempt to stack the gender deck in his favor. 

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Guy Finds Out He Failed Midterm In Hilariously Dramatic Twitter Saga



Guy finds out that he failed his midterm in ridiculously dramatic Twitter saga.

Taiwan Jones experienced the painful power of modern day social media-driven connectivity, when he learned through people he never met (nor likely ever will) that he flunked his midterm. From there something of a wild goose chase unfolded, as people started claiming there wasn't any way to really know if this was the actual Taiwan Jones they were looking for....

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14 Terrible Design Choices That Resulted In Cringe-Inducing Pictures



Terrible design decisions that resulted in extremely awkward pictures.

Prepare to be genuinely taken aback with the kinds of design choices that are so painful to look at, you've almost gotta believe it was intentional. 

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